Vegetarians: We need an option

A petition of proposing vegan sausage as the permanent feature of Bunnings iconic sausage sizzles has gathered nearly 7500 signs in the aftermath of the outrage over vegan sausages served at Cheltenham Bunnings.

Dean Maher, 34, who has been vegan for almost 5 years started this petition after seeing another petition that is asking to ban vegan sausages from the Bunnings sausage sizzle.

“To be honest I totally understand the reaction they have, if this was 5 years ago I may have reacted the same myself as well,” Mr Dean said.

By introducing more vegan sausage sizzles all over Melbourne will give people much more choices and variety, he said.

“It would be great to include a cruelty-free option in order to reflect the changing society and also allow us to also contribute to the awesome charities that they’re trying to raise money for.”

“The fact that veganism is entering the mainstream consciousness like this is a great thing and hopefully this can influence change.”Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.28.01 PM

President of Vegetarian Victoria, Mark Doneddu said an only limited amount of vegan options offered in the market now while veganism is on the rise.

“Most supermarkets have vegan options as far as vegan burgers and sausages and vegan milk and vegan cheeses and yogurt, but not enough as there should be.”

“The massive rise in popularity of stores like the Cruelty-Free Shop that are 100% is evidence of that.”

Mr Mark also said meat sausage could be “dangerous and harmful” for human health.

Sausages like all processed meat has been classified in the same category as causes of cancer such as tobacco smoking and asbestos, according to the World Health Organisation.Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.28.21 PM

Regarding the outrage over vegan sizzles, Mr Mark said that the Cheltenham cat rescue group is justified in selling vegan sausages to raise money for their cause and the objectors were just overacting.

“It is not as though you can’t get meat sausages anywhere else, they are at every other Bunnings store and all over Melbourne. There is no likelihood that there will be a shortage of meat sausages anytime soon,” Mr Mark said.

The petition of banning vegan sausage sizzles to Bunnings has only 75 supporters so far.

“It’s not doing very well,” Mr Dean said.

“The Bunnings sausage sizzle is a long standing tradition and people can be resistant to change but times are changing and people are educating themselves on the effects of their choices.”


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