Neighbourhood’s complaint: School pick-up chaos

Traffic jam on Union Grove after school. (Photo: Sijia Huang)

School pick-up and drop-off are not only nightmares for the parents but for the residents who live around Springvale Rise Primary School.

Minh Lee and his housemates have lived at their house in Union Grove which is adjacent to Springvale Rise Primary School for about 3 years.

To avoid traffic congestion on the main Springvale Rd while trying to park as close to the school gate as possible, parents have taken to parking in Union Grove.

Mr Minh said the traffic jams often started around 3.00pm on school days.

“The school bell usually tolls at 3.30pm but some parents often came earlier to pick up their little ones,” he said.

“I know what they want to do is to break up the time a little bit to relieve the traffic but it doesn’t really change anything, the cars just came one after another.”

Not only the open spots on the street, according to Mr Minh, on some days, his own driveway was also occupied by parents’ cars during the rush time and that happened on the neighbours’ as well.

Mr Minh has put up a notice with “NO PARKING ANY TIME” on it. (Photo: Sijia Huang)

Mr Minh has posted a sign of “NO PARKING ANY TIME” on the outer wall of his house in order to avoid the driveway being parked over.

“Some parents would still park their cars on my driveway or in front of it even I’ve put up a notice here, this can be extremely dangerous in an emergency,” Mr Minh said.

“This also combined with narrow street and parking on both sides makes it impossible for me to drive into my own driveway or move out.”

Mr Minh also said the double parking happened a lot and it put children at risk.

“They’re parking illegally, stopping in the middle of the road, allowing their children to get in and out of their cars on the road.”

“I think parents should park their cars in the parking lot nearby, they have to walk quite a bit to get to the school but they just have to live up with it because kids’ safety mind the most.”

Dandenong city councilor Youhorn Chea said he had received some complaints from the area and the Council would be looking for the solution.

“We’re aware of local residents have concerns regarding school parking, it’s very busy around Springvale Rise Primary School since it’s on the main road,” Cr Youhorn said, “Before solutions launched, we need to further discuss with the school and the local residents.”

He said the residents could request an internal review of an infringement notice to the Council if someone park over their private spots.


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